Curiteva designs, develops, manufactures, and commercializes surgical instruments and implants focusing on delivering true innovation to the market in addition to core spine products surgeons use every day.


Curiteva’s straightforward cervical stabilization product offerings include interbodies (3D printed porous PEEK technology, PEEK, titanium, and plasma coated) and two different plate systems.





Curiteva offers an extensive range of instruments and implants offered for percutaneous and open fixation techniques. Offering PEEK, titanium and plasma coated interbody options offers a variety of implants to address surgeon preference.

Savant® PLIF

Savant® TLIF

Savant® ALIF

Prodigy® MIS


Sacroiliac Joint

Curiteva’s SI-LUTION implant system is a minimally invasive surgical system designed to optimize the treatment of patients with SI joint pain.



Curiteva offers multiple different bone grafting options providing surgeons with a full line of the highest quality orthobiologic technologies for their patients. The product offerings span from everything from amniotic and bone allograft to collagen-based synthetics. Curiteva is in various stages of private labeling these products with various tissue banks. Please reach out for more information.

CuriGraft® Viable Allogenic Bone Matrix

CuriGraft® DBM

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