Curiteva Announces the Beginning of the Commercial Launch of the Inspire® Posterior Interbody Solutions

Huntsville, AL (June 19, 2024) – Curiteva, Inc., a leading technology and manufacturing company, announces the commercial launch of the first of many offerings in its FDA cleared Inspire Posterior Interbody Fusion Solutions. Developed to enhance patient outcomes of transforaminal lumbar procedures, this 3D Printed Trabecular PEEK with HAFUSE Technology interbody boasts an optimized interconnected porous structure, promoting bone in-growth into and through the entire device.  

Kevin Foley, MD, Chairman of Semmes-Murphey Neurologic and Spine Institute commented, “Being able to maximize bone ingrowth is critical to the success of the fusion process. This innovative technology is poised to elevate the standard of patient care through its advanced design and superior biomechanical properties.”

The Inspire 3D printed Trabecular PEEK TLIF implant is available in an array of implant sizes. The Inspire platform is manufactured utilizing the Evonik VESTAKEEP® i4 3DF PEEK high-performance polymer on a proprietary, patented 3D printer designed, programmed, and built by Curiteva. 

“The commercialization of our Inspire TLIF implant underscores our commitment to integrating the revolutionary Inspire technology across all of our implant solutions,” said Mark Mohlman, Curiteva’s Executive Vice President. 

Eric Linder, Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Curiteva, remarked, “The launch of the Inspire TLIF System is a critically significant triumph for Curiteva as we achieve yet another first-in-industry milestone.  The commitment we have made in developing the innovative Inspire technology has resulted in rapid technological advancement which supports our mission to advance the quality of orthopedic care.”

The Inspire Technology will be featured at the State of Spine Surgery Think Tank in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico this week. 

About Curiteva: 

Curiteva is a privately held technology and manufacturing company based in Huntsville, AL. Our business is founded on a commitment to building world-class manufacturing, accelerating research and development, maintaining lean operational discipline, and delivering novel technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the patients they serve. Curiteva is pioneering 3D printing of Trabecular PEEK implants with a bioactive nano-surface to revolutionize how engineered structures and implant biomaterials accelerate immunomodulation, enhance healing, and improve patient outcomes. For more information, please visit